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"...As a musician, writer, and creative mentor, Steve Rapson provides valuable insight into what it takes to be an effective performer.  Steve has provided a great service to both novice and experienced performers. Not only is "The Art of the Solo Performer" motivating, encouraging, reassuring, and packed with brilliant advice, Steve is an entertaining writer as well - making this book a treasured resource for musicians and public speakers everywhere."
"...Mr. Rapson knows whereof he speaks. This book is the Bible to anyone who aspires to the solo spot on any stage, be it folk music, rock, comedy or professional speaker.
I have been a performer for twenty years and I can truthfully say that the stuff in this book is the real, no nonsense way to claw your way through the music or speaking business, and it is delivered with wit, compassion and not a small bit of compassion. Take note, take heart, and ignore him at your own peril."
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The Nuts & Bolts of Performing

",,,I have read this book twice, and each time I find new ideas to put into action. Steve does a great job with nuts and bolts — such as the power and value of hand-written thank you notes — as well as larger, cosmic issues such as why anyone might want to perform, sing, speak, write songs, be creative, lift their voice, speak their truth, etc. here on planet earth! I cannot recommend it more highly."


 "...Steve Rapson's Art of the Soloperformer is a book you read and absorb, scarcely conscious as you turn the pages of the fathomless self-knowledge seeping into you like water into roots. Your peformance will change, totally for the better. As you become aware, months hence, of what this book has done and continues to do for you, you will come to treasure it for the occasional return trip you make to a chapter here, a sentence there, to verify that some new discovery -- but not really new, something you always knew in fact but never understood before -- is really true. It will be written on your soul."